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Sure, understanding the asanas is important, but studying yoga philosophy opens up a whole new world for aspiring yoga practitioners. Go beyond the physical practice to the heart of yoga with an in-depth masterclass on traditional yogic philosophy. From the Hatha Yoga Pradipika to the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutra, you’ll traverse the pages of various classical yogic texts and uncover invaluable knowledge and insights. Students can also deepen their studies with live online sessions over Zoom. 
Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners
15-hour online yoga teacher training
Live online session will be held over Zoom
1-month access to the video lessons
Eligible to register for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit if you complete the training before December 31, 2023
Online session's timezone: Rishikesh, India (IST/GMT+5:30)
Yoga today is very different from the earlier descriptions, most of the yoga practitioners' understanding of yoga is asanas. In this course, Rishikesh Yogkulam will go beyond asanas and study traditional yoga philosophy through an immersion into the classical text of yoga such as Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavat Gita, and Patanjali Yog Sutra.


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Cycle studio
Yoga studio 
Outdoor platforms and terrace
Holistic treatment rooms
This teacher training is held online. Rishikesh Yogkulam is located in Rishikesh, India (GMT+5:30), and they will live-stream yoga classes via Zoom which you can participate in from the comfort of your home.
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Online Retreat
No accommodation
Prices are based on a 15-day, 14-night programme. Different lengths of the programme are available. Please enquire for more details
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The course/hours count as Continuing Education hours for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®) only.

How the training works
This course contains 46 lessons on yoga anatomy, once you sign up for the course, you will be having access to these lessons immediately. There will also be 1 live Q&A session via Zoom that you can attend while taking this training. You will have up to 1-year access to the lessons. 

Timing of sessions or daily schedule (IST/GMT+5:30)
The live session will be held on Saturdays from 12 p.m (until 1 p.m.). Please note that all times are based on IST/GMT+5:30. 

Curriculum/Course information

Who can join this course?
  • Those who want to be an internationally certified teacher
  • If you are new to yoga (no specific background in yoga is required, being eager to learn is enough)
  • If you have been practising yoga for a long time but don’t have knowledge of yoga philosophy, the foundation of yoga
  • Don’t want to be a yoga teacher but a desire to deepen your own yoga practice and knowledge

Why Study Yoga Philosophy
The ancient yogis discovered that the root course of unhappiness and suffering is ignorance of our own true nature. However by understanding how our mind works they described a path that we can follow to discover our true selves. This course explores the different elements of yogic philosophy. The course will not only give you an intellectual understanding of Yogic Philosophy but also show you the path that can lead you to the ultimate goal by taking the teachings of the original scriptures and putting them into practice.

The course covers all essential topics related to the vast subject of yoga from its history through the different authentic traditions for you to realize the truth of what yoga truly is, exploration of the ultimate self.

What You Will Learn
  • What is yoga? from its meaning to definitions
  • History of yoga
  • Purpose of yoga
  • Trigunas: the 3 qualities of nature
  • Pancha kosha: 5 layers of existence
  • 4 paths of yoga
  • The 6 Indian philosophy
  • 7 limbs of Hatha yoga
  • 8 limbs of yoga
  • Karma yoga


Yogacharya Dhirendra Bisht
Yogacharya Dhirendra Bisht is one of the co-founders of Rishikesh Yogkulam and is a master of teaching yoga teacher courses, retreats, and allied techniques. Dhirendra was born in the lap of Mother Ganga and grown up in the shadows of Bhoothnath Shiva Temple amidst the forests of Himalayas. Dhirendra has spent many years in the field of yoga. He has been teaching a large group of students from around the globe, helping them on their journey to become learned and compassionate humans through the holistic study of yoga science.
Amit Payal
Born and brought up in Rishikesh, popularly known as the world capital of yoga. Amit is a young yoga practitioner and a learned yoga guru. His first formal training was at Jay Ram Ashram, Rishikesh, where he did an in-depth study on subjects like Hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, yoga therapy, shathkarma, yogic diet, and nutrition, along with other aspects of art. Since then, Amit has dedicated himself to the path of yoga to gain proficiency in his work.
Yogacharya Mandeep Ji
Mandeep Ji is one of the popular yogis in Rishikesh. With his 10 years of yoga practice and teaching mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, and meditation, he has become an expert trainer of yoga. He has also worked as an astrologer for nine years. Mandeep Ji’s heart and soul lies in music and he says that music is life for him. He has practiced yoga and spirituality in Rishikesh for 18 years. Mandeep Ji is a yoga guru who has given a valuable part of his life to yoga and the preaching of meditation, sound healing, and the practice of yoga philosophy. 

Cancellation policy


No refund if you cancel in advance.


You may not change your dates after booking


No refund if you test positive for Covid
Full refund if you cannot travel due to Covid restrictions
Full refund if the retreat does not take place due to Covid restrictions
Prices are based on a 15-day, 14-night programme. Different lengths of the programme are available. Please enquire for more details
You won't be charged yet
You won't be charged yet
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