29-Day Ayurveda Detox and Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Basubu says

Unearth the remarkable powers of the world's oldest holistic healing system in the sacred city of Kathmandu. Whether you’re curious about holistic medicine or interested in harnessing its many healing properties, this retreat will give you the ultimate introduction to Ayurveda. Practitioners will receive a consultation with an Ayurveda doctor each day before exploring the principles, philosophies and practices of the ancient medicine system. This is also a great opportunity to cleanse your body with traditional detox treatments and nutritionally dense meals. 
Suitable for intermediate, beginner, and advanced practitioners
Daily yoga classes
Chanting and concept of healthy living
Daily consultation by an Ayurveda doctor
Daily meals
Ayurvedic detox and treatment
Daily meditation and relaxation sessions
Various massages
Nepal Yoga Home has the perfect course for relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind through yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient and traditional medicinal system to prevent and cure disease. All people are welcome to enjoy Ayurveda therapies, meditation, yoga and the art of healthy living. Nepal Yoga Home designed the course to enjoy your holiday as the ideal way to have some time to yourself detoxifying your body and relaxing the mind.

Because of the current situation, it's very hard to get a visa, and the great news for you as Nepal Yoga Home can process anyone's visa from the Nepal embassy. To know more about this, send your inquiry today!


Caters for organic and vegetarian diets
Clean, spiritual rooms
Organic fruits and vegetable garden
Views of Kathmandu Valley
Meditation garden
Proximity to jungle
Yoga rooms
Nepal Yoga Home is a retreat and accommodation facility located just outside of Kathmandu with sweeping views over the Kathmandu Valley. Rooms are quiet and peaceful with nets. There are also rooms for yoga and other workshops. One can relax or meditate in the open garden. The venue is lush, attached to the Nagarjun jungle with a garden plentiful with organic fruits and vegetables.

The venue
The rooms are furnished with a modern bathroom, adjustable air conditioning with remote control, and free Wi-Fi is available. Nepal Yoga Home has a private room and sharing a double room depends on price. You can choose according to your budget. You will spend your magical days in a natural environment, with fresh air, healthy nutrition, and herbal medicines combined with mindfulness techniques of yoga and meditation.

Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks such as tea and water are included in the price.

If you have any dietary requirements please communicate them to the host when enquiring 
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In the Ayurveda yoga detox course, you will explore the principles and philosophy that Ayurveda, the science of living, is based on. Historically, Ayurveda was viewed as inextricably linked to eastern culture, whilst in the west as an esoteric science. Nowadays, it is becoming more accepted as a credible science that can be very beneficial to mankind.

As a complete science, it can relate and offer guidance to every aspect of human life, guidance that has been tested and refined over many centuries to all those who seek greater harmony, peace, and longevity. In this Ayurveda yoga detox course, you will examine how the key concepts and philosophical approach the science takes are applied practically. 

As the original texts of Ayurveda were written in the Sanskrit language, the terms that hold the specific meanings will be referred to in this language. The translations can’t give accurate meanings, therefore the root and meaning of the Sanskrit terms will be discussed. According to Ayurveda, health is not only the absence of pain or diseases but the holistic approach of life, including the mental, social and spiritual components. 

In the same way, the treatment system of Ayurveda is not merely prescribing drugs but to treat the patient as a whole, through a holistic approach. In recent years, the Eastern sciences such as Ayurveda and Yoga have attained the attention of the world. 

The demands for such practices are increasing day by day, and they continue to show great success in providing healthiness and happiness to humanity. So, come and learn about these sciences and achieve greater harmony, peace, and longevity in life.

The primary goal of Ayurveda is to prevent illness, and the secondary goal is to treat disease. In this Ayurveda yoga detox course, you will explore what exactly is the state of being healthy, and how to treat disease using the ancient techniques of Ayurveda. Eastern philosophy purports that the key to understanding is acceptance, observation, and experience, rather than focusing on questioning, data, and analysis. 

The course will explore in depth the eastern approach to health and disease. The Ayurveda yoga detox course is designed to impart the fundamentals of Ayurveda like Doshas, Agni, Dhatus, Malas, Pancha mahabhootas and others. You will also briefly study the Prakriti (body/ mind constitution), the cornerstone of Ayurvedic theory. 

Initially, you will focus on the daily regimen (the do’s and dont’s according to Ayurveda) where you will start to observe and experience the preventive aspect of Ayurveda. Along with this, you will participate and experience in the special Ayurveda body detox program i.e Panchakarma after special consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors. 

Panchakarma (body detox therapies) is beneficial for preventive as well as for curative purposes. A substantial body of research has been done on this treatment and it is regarded as a highly credible treatment in both preventive and curative aspects, and further Panchakarma is regarded as rejuvenating (anti-aging) in nature. 

The Ayurveda yoga detox course also includes an Ayurveda hospital visit, where you will witness the protocol of treatment that undergoes there. You will also have substantial teachings on the use of Ayurvedic herbs, some being commonly used such as turmeric, ginger, gooseberries, pepper, cardamom, and others. 

Nepal is rich in natural, potent herbs and our course includes a day visit on the herbal garden where you can view these invaluable planted herbs. This Ayurveda yoga detox course also includes classes focused on the various systems of the body and how they function, and also the nature of some diseases. 

The course will be interactive with plenty of opportunities for students to voice their queries about the disease, herbs, and others. In this Ayurveda yoga detox course, you will also provide daily yoga and meditation sessions by highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers. Special Ayurvedic vegetarian diets are provided ensuring that you will be residing in the appropriate proper body-mind environment to learn about this highly revered health science.

Topics to be included in one month Ayurveda yoga detox
  • Definition of Ayurveda, aim of Ayurveda, historical background of Ayurveda, other medical systems present in the globe and their relationships with Ayurveda.
  • Concept of dosa (body energies) for example vata, pitta, kapha, their properties, functions, the concept of dhaatu (supporting and nourishing tissue of the body), mala (excreta), Agni (metabolic fire), concept of health in Ayurveda, concept of life in Ayurveda.
  • Vata and its subtypes (prana, udana, vyana, samana, aparna), their specific locations and functions, pitta and its subtypes (paachaka, ranjaka, saadhaka, aalochaka, bhraajaka), their specific locations and functions, kapha and its subtypes (Avalambaka, Kledaka, Bodhaka, Tarpaka, Sleshaka), their specific locations and subtypes
  • Concept of five vital elements for example ether, air, fire, water, the earth with their relation on Dosas of the body
  • Prakriti-Pariksa (evaluation of body-mind constitution), Nadi-Pariksa (pulse examination), self-examination of own Prakriti and find the diet, lifestyle suitable for own body-mind constitution (Prakriti).
  • Preventive aspect of Ayurveda, Importance of vegetarian diet, balanced diet, daily regimen (dinacharya) and it’s different components like waking, defecating, bathing, doing exercise and others seasonal regimen (Hritucharya) and purifying acts according to specific seasons.
  • Eight specialties Ayurveda (Astanga and Ayurveda), concept of srotas (systems) in Ayurveda, four limbs of treatment (chikitsaa and chatuspaada)
  • Ayurveda concept of health (swasthya) and disease (Vyadhi), different causes of disease, suppression of natural urges as a cause of disease, six stages of disease progression.
  • Physical examination techniques in Ayurveda, for example, three steps approach, five steps approach, eight steps approach, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and others
  • Concept of ama (toxins) and their role in disease formation, Its correlation with western medicine, the treatment protocol for ama
  • General knowledge about different herbs like gooseberry, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, long pepper, castor, clove, ashwagandha, cardamomum, liquorice, artemisia, holy basil, and others
  • Different Ayurvedic formulations and their indications, contraindications, dosages, and others
  • Herbal garden visit, visiting Ayurveda hospital
  • Relationship of Ayurveda and yoga, Ayurveda and modern medicine including the basic science and others
  • Asta Baalochit Sanskaara of the child, care of pregnant women, Importance of stanyapaana (breastfeeding), concept of Marma (vital energy points on the body)
  • Concept of vital signs for example temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, pain with their practical and clinical approach.
  • Different systems and their Ayurvedic correlations (Srotas), systemic approach on anatomy and physiology.
  • General health problems and their Ayurvedic and yogic management, different herbal home remedies.
  • Detail study on pancha-karma.

Pre-therapeutic procedures (poorva karma)
Aiding in digestion (dipana, paachana), oleation (snehana), sweating (swedana) their indications, contraindications, procedure, complications, and management along with practical sessions.

Main therapeutic procedures (pradhan karma)
Vomiting (vamana), purgation (virechana), nasal-Insufflation (nasya), enema (vasti), blood-letting (raktamokshana), their indications and contraindications, procedure, complications and management, practical sessions of all five procedures (according to need and tolerance of students).

Post-therapy (paschaat karma)
The gradual diet and lifestyle modifications after the main therapy starting from liquid, semi-solid to final normal diet according to the cleansing happened.

Different other sub-therapies of one month Ayurveda yoga detox
Snehana (oil massage), udvartana (herbal powder massage), aromatherapy, netratarpana (eye oleation), sirodhaaraa (continuous flowing of medicated liquid on forehead) and others.

This Ayurveda and yoga course covers the following activities
  • Consultation with a doctor to do your Ayurveda therapies according to necessities
  • Regular checkups and consultations according to the requirement
  • Diet plan and suggestion
  • Different styles of massage 
  • Steam bath with herbal medicine 
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Well knowledge of yoga and meditation
  • You will be taught about breathing techniques and their importance during the course
  • You will learn yoga philosophy and chanting mantras which are very helpful for mind management
  • Interesting activities dancing to yogic music.
  • Knowledge of yoga philosophy to understand the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life
  • Health discipline and lifestyle
Nepal Yoga Home provides only those therapies according to the prescription of doctors and according to body type and problem. 

The main Ayurveda therapies are as follows
Abhyanga (massage) therapy
Ayurvedic massage and other styles of massage are given according to the requirement of the body. Full body, head, foot, and face massages are conducted by well-trained therapists using medicated herbal oils and mixing oil with herbal medicine. The type of oil, herb, and focus of pressure will be different according to the prevention and treatment of the problem. 

Ayurveda believes that regular oil massages make bone and mussels strong and increase circulation which helps to purify the blood and to remove toxic.

Warmed herbal oil is poured over a third eye chakra (between eyebrows) to calm the nervous system, remove the mental stress, headache, excessive thinking, nervousness, emotional imbalance, and purify the mind. 

Akshi Tharpana
This is an eye treatment using medicated oils according to eye problems to clean the eyes and eliminate eye infections and diseases.

Nepal Yoga Home provides panchakarma treatments which are a therapeutic way of eliminating toxins from the body. Then the body gets the balance of the doshas using Ayurveda therapies, different herbs, herbal oils, herbal packs, herbal medicine, diet, and others

Panchakarma means five activities of purification of the body. Panchakarma is helpful to balance doshas. These are vamana (emesis), virechana (purgation), vasti (enema), nasya (nasal cleansing) and rakta mokshana (blood-letting).

Pinda Sweda 
Pinda Sweda will perform with hot cotton boluses, made up of a combination of herbal leaves, flowers, sand, spices, and others. Herbs and massage strokes are chosen according to your body type. The herbal plants are then warmed and tied into a muslin cloth before rubbing over the body. This therapy is helpful for the deep relaxation of mussels, improves circulation, removes joint stiffness, swelling and is helpful to relieves arthritis.

Vashpa Swedanam 
By generating steam from different herbal plants the body is exposed to sweating from every pore of the skin to take out the toxins through sweat. It is good for flushing out impurities from the body, reducing obesity as well as excess fat, and in the treatment of skin diseases.

Herbal enema therapy
Herbal enema therapy is an effective panchakarma therapy inserting different herbal water inside the colon through the anus for the treatment of vata disorders. This therapy is helpful for constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, indigestion, sexual disorder, Kidney stone, acidity, and others

Chakra vasti
To stimulate different chakras (energy centres) mixture of different herbal oil and herbal powder will keep for a few minutes around different chakras. Also, different medicine will be recommended to awaken the chakra. 

  • Purifies and revitalizes energy centre (chakras) 
  • Release the deep state of emotions
  • Balance the nervous and immune system
  • Stimulate and balance the chakra

Kati vasti 
Good for Lumbar spondylosis, prolapsed vertebra, and chronic mechanical back pain.

Greeva vasti
Good for cervical nerve compression, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Janu vasti
Reduce knee pain and joints pain.

Navi vasti 
Good for digestion, constipation, and gastritis.

Heart chakra vasti 
Good for emotional control and happiness.

Siro vasti
This is an amazing way to stimulate the crown chakra and brain system keeping the herbal oil and different ingredients of herbal medicine over the crown of the head.

(Purgation) The process of expelling out the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract helps to remove the waste product from the stomach, intestine, liver, and kidney, increase the strength of the body, reduce constipation and reduce weight.

Vamana basti is the way to clean the upper digestive tract. It's helpful for respiratory congestion, wheezing, breathlessness, digestive problem, chronic asthma, diabetes, chronic cold, lymphatic congestion, chronic indigestion, and others.

Nasya treatment is an Ayurveda therapy to clean the nasal cavity. In this therapy herbal extract, herbal oil and medicated stem will pass into the nose according to a different problem. Nasya is helpful for sinuses, reduces stress, and nervous tension, removes frequent nose blockage, cold, and cough, is good for nose allergy, prevents bad breath, is good for respiratory diseases, reduces headache, migraine, and others.

Ayurvedic facial, skin and beauty care
Ayurveda provides fabulous combinations of herbs for the healing of various common as well as esoteric skin conditions. Face packs, face masks, and body packs. Ayurveda offers a comprehensive toolkit for the care and cure of your skin naturally.

Ayurveda back and spinal care
Combination of leaf bolus massage (Patra pinda svedana), sand bolus massage (Baluka svedana), Kati vasti and Greeva vasti and others. It is helpful for back and sciatica pain, prolapsed vertebral disc, spondylosis, slipdisc, retrolisthesis, accidental spinal pain and others.

Every student will get taken care will consult about physical, mental and spiritual stress, state of mind, lifestyle, and wellness objectives or requirements. The course will be designed according to the requirement.

Daily schedule
  • 07:30 - 08:30 Yoga posture
  • 08:30 - 10.00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 11.00 Ayurveda theory
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Rest, read, and visit a new place
  • 12.00 - 14:00 Ayurveda therapy and detox 
  • 14.00 - 15:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 - 17:00 Rest
  • 17:00 - 18:00 Evening chanting and meditation and breathing
  • 19:00 Dinner

Please note this is only a sample itinerary as timing and duration can change with each according to therapies, requirements, teacher, and circumstances.


Prakash Acharya
Prakash Acharya is the founder of Nepal Yoga Home. His life is fully devoted to social transformation through yoga and meditation. He is working for those children who have been deprived of education due to their poverty in remote areas of Nepal. When he was a student, his subject was science (physics) and his objective was to know spirituality in a scientific way. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree, he pursued a Master degree of Science in Yogic Science and Human Consciousness.
RamHari Thapa
RamHari Thapa completed an international Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor course of Ashtanga Vinyasa.
Dr. Vikalpa Paudel
Dr Bikalpa Paudel - Yoga anatomy teacher as well as consultant Ayurveda physician in Nepal Yoga Home. Completed his bachelors degree in Ayurveda medicine from Tribhuwan University. Dr Paudel is one of our experienced and efficient teaching staff. His lectures on basic anatomy concepts relevant to yoga practices are vivid and comprehensive. Dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to his teaching practice, he is skilled in adapting to diversed learning styles of students. Trainee are sure to find an easy learning environment with him. And if you are interested in knowing about Ayurveda, he is the
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Neupane
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Neupane is teaching yoga and meditation internationally since 2002. He is specialized on meditation and had completed his master's degree in Buddhism.

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Cancel up to 1 day in advance for a 70% refund


You may not change your dates after booking


No refund if you test positive for Covid
Full refund if you cannot travel due to Covid restrictions
Full refund if the retreat does not take place due to Covid restrictions
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You won't be charged yet
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