Unearthing 8 magical crystals for manifesting

A woman rests a clear quartz crystal against her forehead while manifesting an intention.

Not everything in life is clear cut.

Sure, we know that yoga poses soothe and strengthen the physical body, and studies on meditation have revealed that yogic breathing practices work wonders for the brain.

But when it comes to manifestation, there’s no other explanation but pure magic.

While some believe that life is simply a series of random paths leading nowhere in particular, others are grabbing the wheel and driving straight towards their greatest hopes and dreams with a little something called crystal manifestation.

With a pinch of positive thinking and crystal energy, manifestation has the potential to tap into our personal power lying dormant within and make amazing things happen.

So, if you’re tired of riding in the backseat of life, then buckle up as we unearth 8 mystical crystals for manifesting and how you can use them to actualise anything you want.

How do you use crystals for manifesting?

You’ve probably come across the law of attraction.

The age-old philosophy suggests that like attracts like and by simply thinking positively, you can bring a positive reality to fruition.

Using crystals for manifesting is rooted in this simple law of life. Yet instead of letting our thoughts harness the universe’s energy alone, we bring in some backup with a few mystical energy magnets known as healing stones or crystals.

Like all things in life, crystals are made up of atoms and molecules which each carry their own unique vibrational energy.

It’s said that these remarkable rocks can be used to expel negative energy in each of our 7 chakras, foster mental clarity and even guide us to our deepest desires.

Whether you’re longing for love, a bucket-load of money or your dream job, these 8 crystals will amplify your intentions and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best crystals for manifesting

Clear quartz

A woman holds a clear quartz crystal in the palm of her hands while manifesting a desire.

Also known as the Master Healer for its high vibrational energy, the clear quartz is one of the most powerful manifestation crystals.

The quartz crystal is translucent in nature and said to embody a powerful white light that can be used to heal a number of ailments, align the crown chakra and gain clarity.

Best for:

  • Amplifying intentions and personal vibrations
  • Removing mental blockages
  • Gaining clarity and spiritual enlightenment


With its shiny and golden appearance, Pyrite embodies wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Pyrite is more commonly known as ‘fool’s gold’ and is said to lead us on a path to great wealth and success. 

For some, this could mean wads of cold hard cash or material possessions, while for others, it comes in the form of rich relationships and priceless memories.

That said, this gleaming money stone is not just a lucky charm, it’s also a powerful protector.

Apart from manifesting abundance, pyrite’s glimmering metallic lustre is great for reflecting negative energy around you and revealing hidden truths.

Best for:

  • Manifesting money and abundance
  • Attracting good luck
  • Revealing new opportunities and hidden truths
  • Overcoming self-limiting behaviour


A woman balances an emerald green malachite stone between her hands while manifesting love and strength.

Glowing a rich emerald green, malachite is commonly associated with the heart chakra and is the go-to-stone for manifesting love.

This stone is perfect for those seeking unconditional love, affection or more intimacy in their life.

Malachite is also a protective stone with the ability to block negative energy. With this rock, you’ll be able to open your heart in a safe energetic environment and welcome love into your life without fear.

Best for:

  • Cultivating self-love
  • Manifesting love, strength and courage
  • Warding off negative energy

Black Obsidian

As dark as the night sky, it’s no surprise that black obsidian boasts an infinite pool of possibilities.

This jet black stone is bound to the earth and helps firmly root people in their true intentions and dimmish self-limiting beliefs.

Black obsidian also acts as a spiritual shield, helping you step out of negative thought patterns with confidence and focus clearly on your ambitions.

Best for:

  • Clearing out blockages in the root chakra
  • Grounding the mind, body and soul
  • Breaking bad habits and negative thought patterns


A woman manifests abundance with a citrine crystal in the palm of her hands hovering in front of her solar plexus chakra.

Shining a bright, fiery orange, Citrine is commonly associated with the warmth of the sun.

This stone is strongly tethered to our solar plexus chakra and is a great rock to have nearby if you’re in need of some positive energy, love or a load of luck.

Like pyrite, Citrine is also believed to be a money stone and a powerful tool for manifesting financial abundance or success.

Spreading warmth, love or good vibes, anything will seem possible with this wondrous little stone.

Best for:

  • Awakening your personal power
  • Cultivating positive energy
  • Manifesting abundance and love
  • Nurturing creativity


If you want to tap into your warrior spirit, then this is the rock you need in your back pocket.

With a deep red appearance, Hematite is perhaps better known as the ‘blood stone’ and is a powerful conjurer of confidence and strength.

Hematite is also a fantastic protective and grounding stone, binding you to the earth as you leap into your greatest desires.

Best for:

  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Nurturing creative energy
  • Stepping out of negative patterns
  • Amplifying willpower

Rose quartz

A woman sits cross-legged in the easy seated position holding a rose quartz crystal and manifesting unconditional love.

The lovely rose quartz is all about unconditional love.

Oozing feminine energy and soft, pink hues, this powerful crystal warms your heart and fills it to the brim with goodness.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect soulmate or simply want to learn how to love yourself, the rose quartz will help you find whatever your heart desires.

If you’ve had traumatic relationships in the past, this dynamic stone will also work to rebuild your ability to trust and heal old wounds that might be holding you back from love. 

Best for:

  • Manifesting love
  • Promoting empathy and understanding
  • Deepening trust
  • Eliminating negative feelings and thoughts


Beaming a rich, intoxicating red, the glorious garnet is key to awakening inner strength and courage.

There are six different variations of the garnet, each carrying its own magical manifestation powers. Some of the most common include the red almandine and spessartine garnet.

The red almandine garnet is typically used to build strength and courage for when you need it most. On the other hand, the spessartine garnet’s gorgeous orange glow sheds light on the truth and awakens our innermost creativity.

Best for:

  • Boosting self-worth and confidence
  • Conjuring strength and courage
  • Amplifying willpower and creativity

How to use crystals to manifest anything you want

A woman sits with legs crossed in the seated position meditating with a crystal in her palm.

Whether you’re a believer or not, manifesting crystals can enrich your practice if you keep an open mind.

These remarkable hunks of rock are incredibly dynamic and can conjure positive energy or a path to your greatest desires.

Some surround themselves with the stones by wearing crystal jewellery or placing them around the home, while others harness their energy during a meditation session.

Whichever method you prefer, it’s a good idea to follow these four steps for a magical manifestation session.

1. Pick the right crystal

One of the most important steps in the manifestation process is to find the perfect crystal.

You’ll most likely try a few different stones before you find one that matches your energy level and intention, so be patient. 


Once you’ve found the right crystal, it’s time to cleanse. 

If you’ve used crystals for manifesting before or you are shrouded in negative energy, your crystal can be contaminated.

Simply run it under cool water for a minute and leave it in the sun or the moonlight to recharge.

This will remove any contaminants or negative energy that the stones might have absorbed and maximise their healing power.

It’s also a therapeutic practice, giving you time to set intentions and connect to your crystals.

Set an intention

Now that you’ve had some time to ruminate on your deepest desires, you can grasp one in your mind and speak it into the universe.

Your crystal can help bring clarity to your thoughts and create a powerful energetic atmosphere for manifesting.

You can speak your intention aloud or sit silently with it in your mind and let the crystal work its magic.

Harness its energy

Although magical, you can’t expect things to happen overnight. When using crystals for manifesting, you need to be patient, persevering and steadfast in your desire.

Whether you meditate with your crystals each day or place them under your pillow, being consistent is key to finding what you want.

Healing stones are a wonderful tool to gain clarity and insight into our deepest desires. But, the magic we seek most lies within. 

You can use crystals for manifesting at home, or if you’re interested in taking your journey to the next level, why not join a spiritual healing retreat

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