Dru yoga: Benefits and what to expect

A woman stands in the warrior pose with arms stretched out feeling relaxed and confident.

Finding a style of yoga that fits your life perfectly can feel like a real-life Cinderella moment.

Yin yoga might be too zen, Hot yoga can be a sweaty mess, and naked yoga, well, let’s just say it’s not for everyone.

But just when you are about to give up, a style like Dru yoga comes along and sweeps you off your feet.

Merging a combination of soothing techniques and flowing movements, Dru yoga has surged across studios and yoga retreats with many harnessing it to reduce stress and bolster their physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Discover everything there is to know about Dru yoga and why it might be just what you’re looking for.

What exactly is Dru yoga?

Dru yoga is relatively young compared to its older siblings Hatha and Tantric yoga which have been around for centuries.

The style was started in 1978 by a group of yoga enthusiasts who drew their inspiration from spiritual leaders, Francis of Assisi and Mahatma Gandhi.

Originating from the Hindu deity Dhruva meaning “unshakeable” or “fixed” in Sanskrit, this style aims to reach a point of complete stillness and peace by combining the physical practice of asanas with pranayama, mudras and positive affirmations.

What are the benefits of Dru yoga?

A young woman lunges forward in the low lunge pose with palms pointed to the sky while practising dru yoga.

Combining nourishing yoga poses and meditation techniques, Dru yoga is teeming with benefits for both the mind and the body.

Many yoga studios and wellness retreats offer the therapeutic style as a way to bust pent-up stress once and for all, while others use it to find inner peace and even relieve joint pain.

Whether attending a Dru yoga class or practising it at home, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

Reduces stress

Like Yin yoga, Dru involves gentle, fluid movements that are designed to relax the body and switch off an overstimulated mind.

A session typically involves a range of energy block release sequences that combine postures, breathwork and meditation.

These soul-nourishing sequences can help release tension and stress in the body.

Improves spine health

This yoga style makes use of soft, liquid-like movements which all originate from the spine.

A class will usually feature spinal waves and twists, improving the general health of your spine and aiding flexibility.

If you’re hunched over at a desk all day or suffer from back pain, this is a great way to release tension and enhance your flexibility and strength in yoga.

Boosts self-worth

Along with meditation and soothing asanas, Dru yoga also incorporates positive affirmations.

Uttering these encouraging statements in practice can eradicate feelings of self-doubt and boost your confidence and overall sense of self-worth.

What to expect in a Dru yoga class

A group of men and women sit in the cross legged position with palms together overhead in a dru yoga class.

Although strongly rooted in Hatha yoga, Dru yoga classes are not entirely the same.

The style is often confused with others because it’s essentially a hodgepodge of soothing practices mashed up into one nourishing style. 

During a class, you can expect:

  • Physical yoga poses
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hand gestures
  • Positive affirmations
  • Flowing movements
  • Energy flow
  • Meditation

There is a lot of focus on physical poses but the objective is always to reach stillness, rebalance chakras and unlock inner peace.

Practice is therefore a bit more gentle than most styles, but with a strong emphasis on the body’s energy centres.

A class will typically start with lively warm-up activities known as ‘activations’. These simple exercises awaken the spine and prepare it for the energy block release sequences.

Dru yoga works to release energy blockages in the body through a sequence made up of postures, breathwork and meditation.

Guided by your yoga teacher, you’ll flow through this sequence to release negative energy, thoughts and sensations in the body and balance all 7 chakras.

You’ll also repeat affirmations throughout, creating a positive mindset and leaving you relaxed and recharged.

Where to practise Dru yoga?

As Dru yoga incorporates simple, easy-to-follow movements, you can start with the basics at home by following an online tutorial.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you might want to try out more advanced techniques, and a yoga and meditation retreat is the best place to do it!

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