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Image of Mini Yoga and Self-Care Day Retreat in Chester

Mini Yoga and Self-Care Day Retreat in Chester

12th-12th Jun
17th-17th Jul
Cheshire West and Chester, England, UK
Are you craving a bit of self-care but don't have the time to dedicate to a multi-day retreat? Indulge in this short but sweet mini retreat that packs a lot of bliss into a short time. Deepen your mindfulness practice through guided meditation and a themed talk introducing you to techniques that ...
From $59
12th-12th Jun
17th-17th Jul
31st-31st Jul
14th-14th Aug
11th-11th Sep
Image of Transformative and Rejuvenating Weekend Retreat in the South Downs

Transformative and Rejuvenating Weekend Retreat in the South Downs

6th-8th Jan '23
East Sussex, England, UK
Relax and rejuvenate at this explorative countryside yoga retreat in picturesque, peaceful Gayles sandwiched between the countryside and the sea. Start and end your days with yoga classes, while taking time to connect with other mindfulness practices. Go on quiet nature walks, nourish with organi...
From $415
6th-8th Jan '23
Image of 4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Wales

4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Wales

13th-16th Jun
30th Jun-3rd Jul
Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK
Experience a total mind and body rejuvenation at this yoga and meditation retreat in the idyllic landscapes of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Work with experts to design a plan to transform your nutrition and lifestyle habits, alongside restoring a healthy life-force energy  through the various holistic t...
From $975
13th-16th Jun
30th Jun-3rd Jul
4th-7th Jul
8th-11th Aug
15th-18th Sep
Image of Restore and Rejuvenate May Bank Holiday Yoga Retreat in Yorkshire

Restore and Rejuvenate May Bank Holiday Yoga Retreat in Yorkshire

27th-29th May
North Yorkshire, England, UK
Take a step away from the stresses of your daily life and harmonize with spring. Spend the May Bank holiday in beautiful Yorkshire as the flowers are blossoming -- in the spa town of Harrogate, surrounded by Yorkshire Dales-- and dive into a routine of Hatha and restorative yoga, meditation, and ...
From $449
27th-29th May
Image of Rejuvenating Yoga, Meditation and Wellbeing Retreat in Devon
On Sale

Rejuvenating Yoga, Meditation and Wellbeing Retreat in Devon

27th-30th Jun
1st-3rd Jul
Devon, England, UK
With our hectic schedules and stressful lifestyles, it’s sometimes difficult to make time to reset mentally and physically. With daily yoga, meditation, country walks, mindset and vision work, nourishing food and good company, we have not only designed our retreats to give you a break from your b...
From $519 $259
27th-30th Jun
1st-3rd Jul
12th-15th Sep
16th-18th Sep
Image of Woodland Wilding Yoga Retreat near Stoke-on-Trent

Woodland Wilding Yoga Retreat near Stoke-on-Trent

4th-5th Jun
6th-7th Aug
Cheshire, England, UK
A deeply healing and restorative retreat, perfect for those with little time to spare. Experience a reawakening in the forest via a magically immersive experience. Through yoga and meditation, you will harness the mystical world of trees, earth, and animals deep in the ancient woodlands of Lunts ...
From $159
4th-5th Jun
6th-7th Aug
3rd-4th Sep
8th-9th Oct
Image of  Juice Detox, Yoga & Dynamic Wellness Retreat in Glastonbury

Juice Detox, Yoga & Dynamic Wellness Retreat in Glastonbury

13th-17th Jun
11th-15th Jul
Somerset, England, UK
Regain body positivity, energy, mental clarity and soul sanctuary in just four days! Reset your mind, revitalise yourself physically and recalibrate your inner being with this renowned cleansing retreat experience, which The Telegraph describes as: “One of the Best Detox Retreats in the World.” E...
From $1,429
13th-17th Jun
11th-15th Jul
5th-9th Sep
3rd-7th Oct
7th-11th Nov
Image of Ignite your Soul- Summer Retreat Day- with live Harpist, Primrose Hill

Ignite your Soul- Summer Retreat Day- with live Harpist, Primrose Hill

30th-30th Jun
Warwickshire, England, UK
A day designed to allow you to pause from your everyday life and deeply nourish the body, mind, and soul. It is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself: who you are…and who you are becoming. During the day we will be honouring the energy of the element of Fire. Tuning in to the powerful energy of...
From $169
30th-30th Jun
Image of Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Snowdonia
On Sale

Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Snowdonia

10th-13th Oct
Gwynedd, Wales, UK
Join us for a 4-day silent Buddhist meditation retreat in the breathtaking setting of the Snowdonia National Park. During this silent shamatha meditation retreat, led by Buddhist meditation teacher, David Johnson, and accredited yoga teacher, Manu Orozco, we will explore methods for cultivating ...
From $759 $645
10th-13th Oct
Image of Stone Cold Sober Summer Solstice Festival in Essex

Stone Cold Sober Summer Solstice Festival in Essex

18th-21st Jun
Essex, England, UK
Head to the Essex countryside with an open mind and an open heart for this four-day transformative SOBER vegan yoga and spiritual transformation  festival.  Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the countryside while diving headfirst into yoga and meditation classes and letting go with healing practi...
From $135
18th-21st Jun
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Meditation retreats in the UK 

What to expect:

Are there different types of meditation retreats in the UK?

You'll be pleased to know that there are many types of meditation retreats in the UK!

Whether finding your inner voice on a silent retreat or reconnecting within on a healing journey, yogis can choose from a diversity of wellness holidays.

While each one is firmly rooted in the traditional Buddhist teachings, the methods might differ depending on the meditation type and retreat centre you choose.

How do I find a meditation retreat centre in the UK?

From the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands to England's picturesque woodlands, the UK is home to hundreds of yoga and meditation centres.

Although tucked away, these restorative centres can be easily found on an online marketplace, like Basubu.

By simply searching for the type of wellness retreat you're looking for and your preferred location, you'll find dozens of meditation centres in the UK. 

How does a meditation retreat work?

Like a charm!

A meditation getaway typically features daily guided meditation sessions and outdoor activities that are intended to calm the mind, body and soul.

Meditation classes are usually performed in a peaceful ashram or outside in nature. In such a tranquil environment, your thoughts are still and the mind has space to reflect and heal.

If you are a beginner, you'll study the teachings behind the Buddhist tradition in workshops and discover how to meditate using various yogic breathwork techniques and mind-body exercises.

For advanced practitioners, a meditation retreat is an ideal opportunity to deepen their practice in a new setting.

Your guide to meditation retreats in the UK

Where to go in the UK

Now and then, you just need a break from the endless stream of emails and constant stresses of everyday life.

Mindfulness meditation has become a popular practice for stress relief and relaxation, with retreats popping up in all corners of the countryside and along coastlines to offer some respite. 

While a wellness holiday is relaxing no matter where you go in the UK, a few locations stand out from the rest.


With undulating hills and pristine powdery beaches, England speaks for itself.

Yogis flock here from around the world to nourish their souls in unique natural landscapes.

Choose from silent retreats beside the sea in Devon, or escape on a weekend getaway in Oxfordshire and North Yorkshire's magical gardens.

Moving to the west, Wales is another fantastic location for a meditation retreat.

From Carmarthenshire's picturesque hills to the idyllic landscapes of Powys and Pembrokeshire, it's the perfect place to unwind and let your mind wander.

Ceredigion also promises a peaceful break with an abundance of outdoor reflection areas in the local gardens and woods.

Meditating in the wild Scottish mountains is an experience like no other.

The serene sites of Aberdeenshire are popular meditation grounds and have been known to give yogis a greater sense of inner peace.

Whether drifting into deep relaxation on the beach or awakening your senses on a nature walk, Scotland is a sanctuary for the mind.

When to visit the UK

The UK is delightful any time of the year, even during the dreary winter months.

That said, meditation retreats often include a number of rejuvenating outdoor activities that are more enjoyable in summer and spring.

If you'd much rather meditate in nature without a warm jumper, then we suggest booking your retreat in Spring or Summer (March to August) when the days are balmy and blissful.

Towards the end of the year, there are also many autumn and winter retreats that are perfect for those who enjoy crisp morning meditation sessions and ice-cold nature swims.

What to do in the UK

Although brimming with some of the best meditation retreats, the UK is also renowned for its replenishing outdoors activities and attractions.

If you're searching for a healing and restorative experience here, then these sites are a must!

  • Hike to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
  • Cross paths with the Seven Sisters in East Sussex.
  • Meditate beneath the magical rockface of Malham Cove in North Yorkshire.
  • Fall into deep relaxation atop the dramatic cliff edges of Cheddar Gorge.

How to get around in the UK

Travelling around the UK is super simple and affordable!

With buses operating in all major towns and cities, it's an ideal option for budget travellers who aren't on a tight schedule.

The UK also has an impressive railway system with most stations operating 24/7.

If you're looking for the fastest way to travel between cities, the sky is your best bet!

There are over a thousand domestic flights each day in the UK, but be sure to book in advance to avoid delays and disappointment.

We should mention that flying locally can be a bit pricey, so remember to factor this added expense in when determining your yoga retreat budget

Book a meditation retreat in the UK

Whether in England, Wales or Scotland, the UK is the perfect place to practice mindfulness and polish your meditation practice.

If you're looking for an unforgettable wellness holiday, try Basubu

Choose from an array of breathtaking locations in the UK, Europe and the USA, and tailor your trip to your specific yoga style, level and diet. 

Browse our bespoke marketplace of unforgettable retreats and begin your journey.