Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi
Mother-themed workshop
Walking meditation
Capped at 14 people
Wild swimming
Additional workshop
Are you a busy mum who is seeking a mini escape that won't exhaust your time and resources? Spend 24 hours in the magic of Snowdonia soaking up peace, quiet, divine views, and of course, much needed time for yourself. Indulge in a brief getaway that will refresh you and connect you to other mums going through the same experiences. Open your mind and body with mindful movement classes as you explore the practices of yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Clear your mind with intention-setting meditations and explore the complex emotions that come with motherhood through a curated workshop. Most importantly, take the time to get in touch with yourself by going for a dip in a refreshing lake, taking a meditative walk through the meadows, or just taking time to relax and do nothing. 

Whether you are a new mum or your little one is now having their own little one, a mum is always a mum. This is an amazing experience that can bring so many joys, but it can also drain your life force and make you feel crazy! This is not something that people always talk about but certainly anxiety, exhaustion, and lack of identity can either hit you in the face, or creep up on you over the years.

What do I do for myself? When was the last time I took time out, what do I do for fun? What are my hobbies?

On this retreat we will be among those who truly get it; those who can laugh and cry and understand. We will be looking at elements such:

  • self-sabotage thoughts
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • saying 'no' and 'yes' and boundaries
  • relationships

And ultimately just processing, and being around other mums of all ages, while taking time to breathe! Press pause, and come back to yourself.
So often we wait until we feel we really need or deserve it, yet self-care is ongoing moment to moment and it's about maintaining that so that you can be the best version of yourself as often as possible. It's not about being perfect.

You deserve this and we will ensure you go away feeling calm, rested, energised and empowered going forward to make sure you maintain that.


Nature setting
Caters for organic, vegetarian, and vegan diets
18 acre estate
Shared and en-suite bathrooms
Single and twin bedrooms
Vegetarian cuisine
Trigonos is a sprawling estate set among magical woodlands, meadows, fruit and vegetable fields, and a stream that flows down to the lake. The residential accommodation offers a mix of shared and private bedrooms with the option of shared or en-suite bathrooms, depending on budget preference. Trigonos is recognized for their delicious, vegetarian cuisine using ingredients from their land.
19th May to 20th May 2022
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While the retreat may just be 24 hours long, it packs in yoga, meditation, and time to relax in nature. Arrive on Thursday morning and after a welcome talk, get started with a movement class. After lunch, take part in a themed workshop around the emotions of motherhood and then enjoy downtime to explore, go for a swim, book a treatment, or simply spend time with yourself. On Friday morning, go for walking meditation and partake in another yoga/pilates class before breakfast and departure. 

Downtime includes optional treatments at additional costs
Day 1
Welcome talk
Tea and biscuits
Movement (Tai Chi, Yoga, or Pilates)
Light lunch
Down time
Dinner and own time
Day 2
Discussion and walking meditation
Movement (Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates) and meditation
Tea and cake


Nicola Wagstaff
Nicola is the owner of Inspire-Rewire, which she founded with the hopes of helping people work through anxiety. Many of her techniques come from her personal healing journey. Through retreats and workshops, Nicola aims to help individuals find peace and self-love.
Melody Dean
Melody is first and foremost a Pilates teacher. Pilates transformed her husband's life after an horrific accident left him with a broken back. Melody has studied many different movement styles and Tai Chi has connected deeply with her. Inspired by the discipline she has created a unique pause for us. Seated and gentle, incorporating the release breath in Tai Chi this guided meditation should leave you feeling relaxed, centred and present. 
Jane Del-Pizzo
Jane has been practising yoga since her teen life and has come to different styles of yoga at different times of her life, primarily Hatha and Kundalini. She is a certified Yoga Instructor a qualified Nordic Walking instructor. As someone with hypermobility syndrome and arthritis, she is aiming for enough (and not too much) stretch as well as joint stabilization. She enjoys teaching a gentler style of yoga with yoga nidra and occasional face yoga. She focuses on movements which offset some of the physical tightness which results from modern lifestyles.
Angela Jones
Angela is an Intuitive Healer, Sound Practitioner Meditation Instructor  Health and Wellbeing facilitator. With these, she hopes to help you find that balance in your mind, body, spirit, your own physical and emotional wellbeing. Together with her, she will help you discover what your needs might be and how to make any changes possible or even permanent using all of my abilities in an intuitive manner to build a bespoke treatment that fits you.
Bev Pace
Bev is passionate about facilitating the healing process of others. She began her career as an industrial chemist and it was during her work researching essential oils which led her to appreciate their therapeutic benefits and effects on healing the body. She also learnt the process of meditation and after practising for three weeks, she had a peak experience that gave her the understanding that we are so much more than a physical body.

Cancellation policy


Cancel up to 60 days in advance for a 85% refund
Cancel up to 30 days in advance for a 70% refund


You may not change your dates after booking


No refund if you test positive for Covid
Full refund if you cannot travel due to Covid restrictions
Full refund if the retreat does not take place due to Covid restrictions
19th May to 20th May 2022
You won't be charged yet
You won't be charged yet
Photo 1 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 2 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 3 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 4 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 5 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 6 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
Photo 7 of One-Night "Me-Time" Retreat for Mums in Snowdonia
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