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Lush gardens, golden sunsets, and tasty Turkish feasts, do we need to say more? This rejuvenating wellness retreat in Turkey will take your senses on a journey, and we don’t mean around the block. Experience a total mind and body recharge with therapeutic reiki massages, morning yoga and calming meditation sessions with uninterrupted views of the Kas coastline. Meals are equally as impressive, with traditional Turkish breakfasts, fresh green smoothies and scrumptious veggie dinners on the menu. 
Suitable for beginner, advanced, and intermediate practitioners
Picturesque coastline of Kas
Full day boat trip to Kekova
Walk to the ancient cities of Phellos and Antiphellos
Daily yoga and meditiation
Beginner/moderate walk
The beautiful town of Kas is our favourite beach location in Turkey. We are so happy to find this incredible villa located in a quiet area on the picturesque coastline of Kas. 

Surrounded by trees & flowers in the large garden & pool area, with hills, mountains and bays beyond. Waking to beautiful birdsong in the morning, the hum of cicadas in the evening and the soothing sound of the sea 24/7. It’s like living in a national park.

The popular Big Pebble Beach(trip advisor 4.7/5) is an easy 5-10 min walk down the hill and has 6 restaurants. Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear sea of the Mediterranean.

Located literally on the world-famous Lycian Way which is over 500km long and takes roughly 29 days to hike, stretching from Fethiye to Antalya. The walk into Kas centre (30mins) is on the Lycian Way. On the way back you could take the dolmuses (50p each) or a taxi (£4).


Beach and Mountain setting
Caters for vegan and vegetarian diets
Large garden
High-speed internet
Private pool area
Villa Dundar 
Our traditional homey Turkish villa is clean, spacious, light & airy. We have our own private pool with sun loungers. All rooms have air-conditioning and high-speed internet. Set on a ridge above Big Pebble Beach with uninterrupted views over the sea, islands, Kas peninsula, mountains, surrounding hills and countryside. You can even see the ruins of the ancient amphitheatre in Kas where one of our walking trips arrive. 

Our Villa is an oasis of peace, privacy and quiet.

We love Mediterranean food and on our retreat menu, we offer fantastic dishes from Turkish tradition with some Italian fusion. Be ready for a super healthy, colourful and flavoursome experience.   

All meals will be vegetarian & vegan (let us know your favourite option and any allergy/intolerances).

Pre-yoga snack
Fresh fruit or a smoothie, and nuts. 

Traditional Turkish breakfast
Or what we call “The Turkish Feast”. In our experience the best breakfast in the world. Following the tradition, we will be serving a selection of local cheese, jams, honey and other traditional breakfast spreads with freshly baked bread, savoury pastries, salad plus a different egg-based recipe every day. For the lovers of a sweet breakfast, there will also be granola, nuts, yoghurt, milk & alternatives and fruit.

Bottomless coffee, tea and fruit/veggie water infusions.

Self-service snack
Available from 14:00 till 16:00. Daily variations of healthy salads with grains, nuts or seeds, veggie sticks, dips and fruit. Feel free to sit down and eat or bring it with you to the beach.

Hot supper
There will be a traditional soup (dairy-free option available on request) served with bread, 2 vegetarian hot dishes and plenty of delicious veggies.

Excursion days
There will be a small change in the schedule. Breakfast will be earlier and lighter. With a fresh smoothie, granola, yoghurt, milk & alternatives, nuts, fruit and some bread with spreads. We will provide healthy & balanced packed lunch with a delicious wrap vegan or vegetarian, a salad plus some fruit & nuts.

Barbecue evening
We will be offering a selection of vegetables, rice and bread. Fresh fish and cheese dishes, dips, salads and some traditional desserts.

Meal options
Full board
Turkish feast brunch every day, all pre-yoga and afternoon snacks, plus all packed lunches during excursions. Every day you will have a hot and deliciously healthy supper, plus the barbecue evening.

Half board Brunch
Turkish feast brunch every day, all pre-yoga and afternoon snacks, plus all packed lunches during excursions and the barbecue evening. No hot supper.

No Brunch or hot supper. Will still receive all pre-yoga and afternoon snacks, plus all packed lunches during excursions and the barbecue evening. Not all rooms are self-catering.
Single bed iconSingle bed iconSingle bed icon
Bedroom 7 (Full board)
near the pool with open plan living space and kitchenette
Single bed iconSingle bed iconSingle bed icon
Bedroom 7 (Half board)
near the pool with open plan living space and kitchenette
24th September to 1st October 2022
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A minimum of two hours of Yoga is on offer every day (6 days). If you want to discover meditation Paul will initiate you into Sattva meditation, his own personal practice. Also if you want it, various workshops, Yoga games, discounted one-to-one private Yoga, Reiki and Reiki massage treatments are available.

We have 3 excursions included in the retreat price.
- Full-day boat trip to Kekova. Lunch, snack, water, Turkish tea, snorkelling kit, castle entrance ticket and transport are included. We will admire the islands, beaches, and bays around Kaş and Kekova Island. Enjoy a varied sightseeing itinerary, with plenty of stops to swim and snorkel. Swimming here is unbelievable as the water is super clear. Some of the places we will visit are Aquarium Bay, Tersane Bay where we can swim over the sunken ruins, we will pass over the sunken ruins of Simena ancient city (here swimming is forbidden), see the pirate cave on Asirli Island, and head ashore to visit an island village only accessible by water and its castle.

- Beginner/moderate walk heading East on the Lycian way toward Limangazi beach. We will start the walk after breakfast at 11:30. Our walk is about 5km and we will get a water taxi back. Limangazi beach is a series of 4 bays that are accessible only by water taxi or foot. We will have lunch in a beautiful location and there will be plenty of time for a swim. Limangazi cove is home to sea turtles so if we are lucky we could see them. Packed lunch, snack, water included. Return to the Villa around 5 pm.

- Walk to the ancient cities of Phellos and Antiphellos. If you are a strong walker you might love our second more challenging hike.
Together we take a bus to a small picturesque village called Cukurbag. From here we take an easy walk up until we reach the ancient city of Phellos, located 950 meters above the sea. From here we can enjoy the view of the whole valley, Kas city, peninsula and also the Greek island of Kastelorizo. In this city, we will admire its impressive necropolis and tombs hidden in the trees and bushes and have our lunch.
If you aren’t an experienced walker or hiker please let us know in advance and we will arrange a bus ride for you down to the Amphitheater or town centre for sightseeing where we can meet later.
If you decide to stay and take the tough hike, we will take the path of the Lycian way and start our descent. It’s a steep walk but very scenic. Our downhill descent of about 5km will take us to The Amphitheatre of the ancient city of Antiphellos.
After visiting we will all head to the town centre, just a 10-minute walk, from here we will have a free evening, visiting the beautiful cobbled streets, get a goat’s milk burnt ice cream (which is a delicacy in Kas) and have dinner of your choice in one of the local restaurants. Packed lunch, snack, water and all tickets and transports till Kas centre are included. Ice cream is on us, but dinner and transport back to the Villa are for you to choose and pay for as and when you wish.


Paul Selvey
Paul creates an encouraging, welcoming environment for his students. He has practised Yoga for over two decades and taught Yoga full time for over 5 years. With over 1000 hours of advanced teacher training, he shapes a mix of movement, breathing, kriya and meditation techniques to suit his student's progression, from beginner to advanced.

Paul teaches from experience, his approach is more scientific and less mystic. He has an incredibly calming voice but can also muster high energy when it suits. He leads breathing and meditations with great knowledge and guides his students to understand the science of each step to find true peace and calm. He teaches to a very high level with dozens of breathing and meditation techniques, when you think you have mastered a technique, he then takes you deeper and deeper into your practice. Using Pranayama, in just a few minutes, Paul can help his students energise or relax, leaving them buzzing with energy or settled into deep rest.

His Yoga asana has a strong focus on alignment to keep you safe from injury. However, Paul believes the journey to the Yoga pose is more important than reaching perfect alignment. His classes are set to a complementary soundtrack and all finish with one of his many meditation techniques in Savasana.

Paul’s classes, 1-2-1s, workshops and retreats have helped many people become pain-free from injuries or tightness in their bodies. He has also helped people evolve from mental illness changing the way they see themselves and the world around them. Encouraging a regular practice to build positive healing energy little by little.

Paul has an extensive on-demand Yoga class library and also teaches regular live online classes as well as in-person classes when in London and for Yoga Retreats. He aspires to hold Yoga retreats in many locations around the world. He teaches Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Tantra, Kriya, Sattva Yoga, Seated Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra and Yoga Nidra.

Paul’s Master Yoga teacher studies allow him to lead Yoga Retreats with opening and closing circles, initiate people in Sattva meditation, Paul’s favourite meditation technique and train people in all aspects of Yoga.
Simona Zedda
Simona with her bubbly and friendly personality helps you feel comfortable and at ease. One of her best qualities is her care for you as an individual. This helps you feel safe, open to share and dig deep into your subconscious, which is where the trauma and pain usually find themselves. After her session, you will feel relaxed, with a wonderful feeling of calm and completely amazed at how she can make you feel better without even touching you.

Simona is also gifted with impressively strong intuition, and sometimes she is able to identify problems before you mention them to her. She is also emotionally supportive on a personal level. Every revelation within the sessions is profoundly beautiful and emotionally charged. During every treatment, she enters into a trance-like state and her hands become incredibly hot.

Simo’s USP is her counselling session after the Reiki. She decodes the images and visions you receive and helps you understand why you are so blocked. The discussions after Reiki can empower you to make positive changes to your life rather than just being healed again and again.

She has been an admirer of reiki for almost 3 years, as its use helped her target her past traumas, blocked emotions and completely change herself and her surroundings.
Since Reiki entered her life Simo has been reborn. She gained a lot of confidence and learned not only to understand herself but most importantly to accept herself with her qualities and flaws.

In 2019 she started her level 1 Usui Reiki course. Her reason for studying Reiki was for self-understanding and self-healing. Once graduated, she developed a strong desire to help people around her to experience this feeling of joy and total control of their own lives. From there she devoted herself to a strong discipline made of deep study and daily self-practice, until the day she could finally complete the Level 2 course officially become a therapist. That was the moment she was taught by her teacher, Reiki could become her career and not only a passion.
Simona’s teacher was for her not only a teacher but a spiritual mother.

Simona is in a direct line from the original USUI genealogical tree, receiving training master by master from Mikao Usui himself. Usui Reiki teachings are divided into 3 levels after that you are able to become a Master by doing the master training. Simona has completed all three levels and practised Reiki on herself and others ever since she started. Simona will finally receive her master's graduation in May 2022.

The USUI method itself, as already mentioned, is the traditional and most ancient of all Reiki teachings. Simona goes a step further than being a channel for Reiki to flow into you, she digs deep with you until you understand all the reasons behind what you are feeling. She doesn’t leave you with questions and doubts but she enriches you with answers and knowledge.

Cancellation policy


Cancel up to 91 days in advance for a 57% refund


You may not change your dates after booking


No refund if you test positive for Covid
Full refund if you cannot travel due to Covid restrictions
Full refund if the retreat does not take place due to Covid restrictions
24th September to 1st October 2022
You won't be charged yet
You won't be charged yet
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